Friday, August 20, 2010

Loving my new purse!

This is sad, but at the age of 45 I just purchased my first Coach purse.  It's actually my first designer purse of any kind.  I've wanted one forever, and my husband has offered to buy me one for Christmas several times, but I just could NOT bring myself to pay that much for a purse.  I grew up in a fairly small city in Missouri, and we weren't rich by any means.  My dad was a detective, and my mom was a mom (the best job in the world, IMO).  So when I was in school, there were no designer duds.

There were the Nikes, the Calvin Klein jeans, the Gunny Sax dresses.  I never felt that I fit in--stylewise, or just in general.  The funny thing is that I was okay with not having the popular stuff.  Of course, I asked for it, and I really, REALLY wanted a pair of Nikes with the swoosh...but I dealt with it.  We shopped at thrift stores, garage sales, and my mom made my clothes.  If I was getting something REALLY special we went to Sears (another memory--I wanted the day of the week panties so bad! lol).

As I became an adult, I continued to shop in a thrifty manner.  My husband went to college, law school, got his MBA....there wasn't a lot of money during the lean years, and I just used whatever I had.  There were a few incidents where I got credit cards and went a little crazy....but even when I went crazy it was at Wal-Mart or JC Penneys.  I remember when I was about 28 I went into a Neiman Marcus for the first time and felt completely out of place.  It was years before I ever went back.

Fast forward to now.  I'm 45 years old.  I worked hard, and my husband worked hard, and I supported my husband working hard, and I deserve some nice things.  Right now I'm in the process of building my collections of the things I feel I need right now.  I realize these things sound shallow, but so be it.  If it makes me happy, I'm going to do it.

That brings me to my purse.  I can't explain my feeling about this just makes me happy.  It seems to open and close easier, it's more flexible, ready to do its job with a good attitude. Not like a Target purse, that grudgingly lets you pry the magnetic closure open, then is dark inside so you can't find anything.  When you take the purse and put it under the light, the stiff, unyielding middle pocket regurgitates your belongings, and you have to pick everything up.  After all your stuff is wedged uncomfortably in your bag, you then have to struggle to get the magnetic closures to CLOSE.  Pursey is better (btw--her name is Pursey).
Item imageIsn't she cute?  She's bigger than she looks here....she's a convertible cross/body bag. However, I will confess that I got an amazing deal on her.  I was in Bloomingdales (my new favorite store) getting a sample of Creme de la Mer so I could see if it is worth the price. I'll tell you my opinion on that later. As I was walking through the store to leave, after stopping by the MAC counter to look at all the pretty, pretty colors, I noticed bags in a "Clearance" section.  My eye immediately went to the Coach (it was the only one in the sale) and I got 40% off the already reduced clearance price.  The sale didn't actually start until the next day (it was almost closing time and they were putting the items out for morning).  The saleslady let me do a pre-sale purchase, and voila!  Happy me.  I will just say that I got a $200 bag for well less than $100.  So what should my next bag be?  I've almost always only had one bag--brown in summer and black in winter, unless Target had a big sale.  I want to build a bag wardrobe......I think I want my next one for Christmas :)

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  1. Coach had this really cute patchwork one....reds/browns very fall...might have even been the holiday collection...and prob knowing least last year if not an earlier collection but I really thought it was awesome....someday