Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do You Know How Hard it is to Find a Retro Poster of a Woman Being Spanked??? Okay, not that hard.

I've been a bad, bad, blogger!

I've been up to all kinds of stuff lately.  I have an unfortunate habit of starting a whole bunch of stuff (or "plethora of au courant enterprises" if I break out the thesaurus).  My goal in the next year is to complete training to be a makeup artist.  Cosmetics fascinate me.  The act of transforming a person's appearance is a captivating experience for me.  I lose track of time--oh wait, I always do that.  I believe one of the core reasons I enjoy makeup application is because I've always wanted to be an artist.  I've painted with oils, watercolor, acrylics, japanese ink and even the Bob Ross "wet-on-wet" medium from the 90s (remember Bob Ross?  What do you think he was on?  I'm pretty sure he was taking too much of it, whatever it was.)

Although I did enjoy making "happy little trees" and "beating the devil out of" my brush, I just don't have talent.  And I'm not being a perfectionist, or too self-critical.  I don't paint well. (Although I do believe a layer of glitter sprinkled over pretty much any picture makes it pretty.)

Hence my love of makeup.  I hate to say I "have a passion" for something--I take passion very seriously.  But I will say I'm extremely fond of cosmetics, and do tend to like them for more than just a friend.  Applying makeup (or "hookering it up" as my niece is wont to say) let's me express my love of and joy in colors, shadows,texture, scent, sparkle and shine.  At the end I have a living, breathing work of art--and usually a woman who feels a little happier, stands a little taller, and has a happy little smile on her happy little face (okay, in a very few instances it might be a happy little tree on her happy little face....what can I say?  I'm an artiste!)

So if I choose to spend my time creating art AND building women's self-esteem I believe it's been time well  spent. And though I will occasionally be self-effacing and apologetic about the "frivolous" nature of my blog I don't mean a word of it.  This is very important to me.  It makes me happy, gives me something productive to do, gives me goals, and dangles that most dangerous of things in front of me....HOPE.  I have hope that I will be successful getting money for the training by selling Avon.  I have hope that I will complete my classes in a brilliant manner. And, finally, I have hope, for the first time since I became really sick, that I will have a career that I will enjoy, am able physically to do, and one that will bring me joy.  And today I can't ask for more than that.

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