Thursday, September 2, 2010

Renovation--It's Not Just for Houses Anymore

I have a confession to make--I care what you think of me.  I don't want you to think I'm unintelligent (see, right there I was going to say "stupid" but thought "unintelligent" sounded less stupid) or boring.  I want to shed my white-trash mobile home past and be one of the cool kids.  I'm constantly spinning in circles trying to impress you, entertain you, and entice you to be my friend.

And that's where the online thesaurus comes in.  I don't want to use everyday, regular people words.  I want to use ten dollar, highbrow words.  I want to be perspicacious.

Today, as I was trolling for the perfect word to express "beginning" (my first word choice had been "inception", but I thought that sounded pretentious, so I chose "beginning", but that was too simple) the word "renovation" caught my eye.  I am, of course, familiar with the word, but I found the definition to be a perfect description of what I what to do with this soggy, disheveled mess I call my life.

First, "to restore to good condition".  I immediately thought of my physical self.  It's definitely not in "good condition".  I can, and should, be more strict with my blood sugar.  If I increase my activity it will improve several illnesses that affect my body. Actually going to see my doctors would be especially helpful--I've been ignoring the medical profession lately, and possibly only seeing the doctor when I'm admitted to the hospital isn't the most healthy decision.

Next to "reinvigorate; refresh; revive."  I'm tired.  Exhausted, both physically and mentally.  My jokes are getting old, and I find myself telling the same stories over and over. I need to start getting out and experiencing new things.  I can't remember the last time I went to a concert or play (actually, I do.  It was four years ago at Christmas).  I tend to choose the same genre of books consistently.  I'm beginning to bore myself, much less anyone else.  I need something new to experience.  I need new stuff to talk about.

But now I'm back to the same old problem:  How do I make myself do what I need to do?  Why don't I do what I want to do?  Or why don't I want to do what I should do?

Hmmm....maybe "inception" was the better word.  To "begin, take in hand."  I need to take myself in hand, and begin a new phase of my life. I need to "take; seize" my present, and create the future I want, need, and deserve.  Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggone it, people like me!

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  1. First off if you want to change yourself you have to start with your body and your way of thinking. Go for a walk and you will find that you will be getting more energy. While on that walk think of how you can help yourself become more of the person you want to be. Most people fail in a diet or exercise routine because they did not change how they think and let them talk their selves out of following their new plan. Remember what I told you on the Phone. It is all about mind over matter-if you do not mind it does not matter. Keep a journal of what you want to accomplish and try to set a goal to get to that point. Make it easy at first. Like walk around the block three times this week. But as you make each new goal make it a little harder to accomplish. As time goes on you can go back and see where you started and how far you have come.